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A message from our founder:

When I was 10 years old, my childhood ended as soon as I saw the Rage Against The Machine video for their song "Freedom". That video, and that band, showed me aspects of humanity that I thought only existed in history books. 

As their discography continued to shape my young mind, one lyric has made a home in my heart and dominates my existential and artistic philosophy:

"Silence. Something about silence makes me sick. 'Cuz silence can be violence, sorta like a slit wrist."

                                                                                                                               - Zack De La Rocha

We all have a story to tell and Zubber Dust is here to help tell it. There is a lot of danger in the world, but the most dangerous is he who feels their voice is irrelevant.

Whether that voice be comedic, dramatic, tragic, or romantic, we will tell its story at the highest level. And that is where our name rings true. "Zubber Dust" is a derivative of the Sindhi word, zabardast, which means 'of the highest quality.' Every time we step foot into rehearsal or on that stage, we see our name and are reminded that we aren't here to fuck around. We'll leave that to the dilettantes.  

- Ruman Kazi