5 out 5 Stars from The Examiner

"It would be hard to imagine finding such a credentialed cast of proven talent even at the largest venues in town. Yet they are all here on stage in Burbank at the always amazing Victory Theatre in the what is sure to become acknowledged as the latest smash hit “Our Lady of 121st Street.” Don’t miss this show."

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"Remarkable, larger-than-life performances..." - Bitter Lemons:

"I haven’t seen a reunion story as unrepentantly funny about unfunny stuff, nor many plays of any stripe as simultaneously raw and thematically consistent as this one. Ruman Kazi directs some remarkable, larger-than-life performances here, the kind of live work you only get to see up close when it’s in an intimate house like the Victory, under a contract like the 99 seat waiver."

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"Very hip, street savvy, and is funny" - Accessibility Live:

"The cast as appearing on the Little Victory stage work well with one another. And being the fact that it’s appearing on the smaller space that this theater complex has to offer, that intimacy is ideal...The setting shows itself as a location that is “famous” for what it is, even if that fame reeks of blight and perhaps neighborhood poverty. It’s a hint to the notion that the poor are to be blessed–but not for the crowd that gathers! Ruman Kazi directs this stage piece that holds humor and drama that mixes rather well.

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Reviews for OUR LADY OF 121ST STREET

May 1st - June 7th @ The Victory Theatre

"If you see no other play this season, then see this one. It is really, that fantastic." from NoHo Arts District:

"Perfection is exactly the word I would use to describe ‘Our Lady of 121st Street’ at the wonderfully atmospheric Victory Theatre. Hilarious is another and brilliant and poignant and fabulously, painfully real are a few more."

"Quite the best group of actors that I have seen in one cast for a long, long time...their stories followed me home"

"Also a nod to the director, Ruman Kazi, debuting in Los Angeles with this great piece. It played out onstage as if no one were guiding the action or influencing the performances. It was effortless and flawless in its realistic and passionate simplicity."

"I wept a little and laughed a lot and most of all I connected to these people on stage. I recognized all their glorious flaws, as clear as I recognize my own."

"I highly, and enthusiastically recommend the stunning Our Lady of 121st Street."

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