© Zubber Dust Playhouse 2015. All rights reserved.

“I’m here, aint I? I’m representin’ for her memory an’ shit—I juss don’t wanna talk about that penguin bitch! I wanna talk about more funny stories like how you fucked that Haitian motherfucker saving up to buy his moms a hut—light-hearted shit, ya know?”  - Norca

THE STORY: The Ortiz Funeral Room is in big trouble: The body of beloved community activist and nun Sister Rose has been stolen from the viewing room, and waiting for her proper return are some of New York City's most emotionally charged, life-challenged neighborhood denizens, trying to find a place to put their grief, checkered pasts and their uncertain futures. Among the equally hilarious and tragic twelve characters, you'll meet Rooftop, a chronically unfaithful but otherwise popular Los Angeles DJ, looking to reconcile with the love of his life; Pinky and Edwin, two brothers tragically linked forever; and the outrageously angry Norca, who doesn't let the fact that she slept with her best friend's husband deter her from the full expectation of being immediately forgiven of her sin by her best friend, Inez, still in pain fifteen years later. The rest of the crowd in this dark, insightful and very funny comedy inevitably square off on each other, motivated by rage, pain and a scary desire to come clean—perhaps for the first time.

© Zubber Dust Playhouse 2015. All rights reserved.

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​Director: Ruman Kazi
Dramaturg: Jane Fleiss-Brogger
Producers: Alex Alpharaoh, Maria Gobetti and Tom Ormeny
Stage Manager: Jennifer Caspellan
Assistant Stage Manager: Graciela Rodriquez
Assistant Director: Christa Davis
Set Design: Kim Cahoon
Lighting Design: Chantelle House
Sound Design: Cat Cai
Art Direction: Ccino Cividanis
Costumes and Props: Graciela Rodriguez
Visual Media Associate Producer: Luis Kelly-Duarte
Gabriel Alfaro: Digital Marketing


John Del Regno
Alex Alpharaoh
Tee Williams
Mark Del Castillo Morante
Napoleon Tavale
Joshua David Gray
Délé Ogundiran
Trista Robinson
Christopher Salazar
Peter Pasco
Ashley Platz
Jessica Borne
Alexandra Bayless
Luis Kelly-Duarte