In service of the greater good, we focus our work to bridge a world divided.


To explore our relationship with the unseen---spiritual, political, psychological or otherwise. Through new and established works, we attempt to get to the core of what drives people to believe in something greater than themselves. 



*Social Service



Become a Zubber Dust Player

We are a collective of storytellers that meet weekly to challenge, encourage, and develop our individual artistic voices while building a close-knit and dynamic ensemble of writers, players, directors, and designers.

As actors, we approach the work with utmost respect for the text, process, and dramaturgical exploration as taught to us by Konstantin Stanislavski and Stella Adler. While we respect artistry, we respect craft even more.

Our audition process starts with two contrasting monologues, a ten-page writing sample, and/or a director/DP reel. Next, an interview with the founder. Then, we invite you to participate in a session to see if it's a company you'd be proud to call home.  

To set up an appointment, please email headshot/resume/reel/writing sample to

Monthly dues = $70